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For over 30 years Steve has been helping men all over the world create their own personalized dating blueprint by standing on their name. An expert in relationships of all stages from the single life to the married life and all points in between, Steve teaches men and women how to unplug themselves from the dating matrix of TV, Radio, and magazines. Instead, Steve’s upfront no-nonsense blunt dating advice goes against every thing people have been taught.


This isn’t “Chicken Soup for the Soul”. Instead Steve believes that In order to get your dating life right with the opposite sex, you first have to get yourself right. Your audience will enjoy hearing Steve’s proven relationship advice on:

This website covers: Approach anxiety, Attraction, Teasing, Flirting, Sex, Texting 101, Leading, Knowledge of self, Knowledge of women, knowledge of dating, knowledge of sex, Dating 101, Marriage, Break ups, Friends zone, conversations, and much more

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✅Men of any ages, ethnicity, and backgrounds

✅Men who are willing to work hard and be open to changing their ways.

✅Men who want to develop new skills when it comes to meeting, dating, and having sex with women.

✅Men with goals, ambitions, future-focused, and not afraid of a challenge or change.

✅Men who want to be solution based.

✅Men who want to expand their comfort zone.

✅Men who listen, and will follow through.

❌Males who use the words: Hypergamy, Female nature, Going my own way, or I'm on my purpose. 

❌Men who are stuck in their ways or have a hard time adapting to change.

❌Men who constantly complain about why the world is against him.

❌Men who are lazy, lack motivation, or always make excuses.

❌Men who are negative and/or unwilling to change their large ego.

❌Men who are looking for a magic pill.

❌Men who are going to mix our stuff with some other bullshit products.

❌Men who give up and live in the past. isnt 

who this is for:

who this isn't for:



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It’s time for a change. You want to be happy. You want to get on with your life. Something in your life isn’t working and you finally want to fix it. You’re unhappy, angry or frustrated and you’ve sometimes given up on yourself—and others. You believe you’re stuck and there’s nothing you can do to change it.

You’ve tried talking with friends. You’ve tried therapy, seminars, books, and nothing seems to be working—at least not well enough. You may be struggling with your career, or you haven’t been the husband or father you want to be. Now, you’re sick of feeling stuck in your own stuff. You’re tired of watching yourself make the same mistakes again and again as a husband, a father, a businessman, a man.

We’ll jump straight into what’s not working. We’ll identify the problems and figure out solutions before you get off the phone. Along the way, you’ll learn about yourself and how you’re not so different from most other men. You’ll learn the tools needed to have a stronger and happier relationship with yourself, your woman, your kids, your employees and colleagues, your money, spirituality, health, and your ability to experience fun and joy.

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