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Master the bedroom

In spite of what you’ve been taught to believe, women are very sexual creatures, even more than men. It doesn’t matter what type of girl she is, what background she came from, or what her current status is in life, there is a freak inside of her dying to be unleashed by the right man. That man should and can be YOU. The things she claims that she would never do, can be done to her if done right. Not only is she willing to try freaky new shit, she wants to try freaky new shit, but she just needs you to initiate it. Most guys are only trying to please one part of their anatomy, but a woman's anatomy is a whole different story. You, as a man, need to understand that a woman's entire body is like one big sensitive playground to be taken full advantage of. There is much more to it than just licking and hitting the hole, and whatever little common activities you might perform. You need to learn how to think outside the box.


Kissing 101

Learn how to be a good kisser with these  videos, which teach you how to French kiss; how to kiss creatively; how to kiss with passion; how to kiss with confidence; how to kiss without smearing your lipstick; and much more.


5 Play

Eating a woman's pussy is one of the greatest sexual acts you can perform. It is at the same time intimate and incredibly sexual. You are literally making out with her pussy. At the same time that your head is buried between her thighs, you can feel the subtle convulsions of her body, her breath deepen and shorten and you can feel the arching of her back as she actually works with you to heighten her own arousal. If you do it right, and you have a good partner in the woman, the experience is intense, unforgettable and at times - explosive. However, eating a woman's pussy is not something that they ever taught you in school. It is, although, a skill that every man should have. In this video Steve teaches you how to do it right with the basics and walks you through a serious, no nonsense course on how to orally please the women in your life. This is what everyone has been waiting for and what you can't afford to miss out on.


Fucking 101 back

Learning how to be good in bed is a lot easier than you think. You don't need to turn into some crazy porn star or a crazed nut in order to please you man in bed and both have a good time. Getting just a few of the following things right will help you become great in bed.


Fucking 101 chair

Being good in bed isn’t about flexibility or mastering positions. Learning how to be good in bed is easy for anyone if you know what really matters. Time: 1 hour 5 min. All of us want to be good in bed. You obviously want to make your partner clutch their head in ecstatic orgasms and roll over in bed, gasping for air after you’re done with your deed. Knowing the art of being good in bed is great, both for your partner and your ego. But understanding how to be good in bed isn’t just about rehearsing sex positions or bending over backwards to try new moves that you read in a book. Understanding how to be good in bed can be simple, if you remember to create new experiences all the time and focus on your partner’s satisfaction. And thats what this product is going to show you.


Fucking 101 doggie

This is the next step to creating the perfect storm (mind, pussy, and now her ass)Watch video for more information. Please watch the video go get a better understanding of the product thanks.


5 play 2

Now you have mastered 5 play its time to move to the next level. BUT orals skills are only one small part of being a masterful lover. To really be the lover she wants and craves there is a LOT more too discover. To master how to orally turn on a woman, you have to love her thing between the legs and this will take things to another level.


5 play 3 Doggie

This is the next step to creating the perfect storm (mind, pussy, and now her ass)


5 play 4

This is the next step to creating the perfect storm (mind, pussy, and now her ass)Watch video for more information.


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